Cake 'N' Code?

Yep you got it, that is the name of this site!  I like code and cake (I am a fairly typical developer in that sense).  The only difference is I like to make it too!  Madeira is my favourite (as long as its good home made stuff with a bit of stodge to it, none of that light synthetic nonsense you get from shops).


So why have I created this site?  Well that is a good question, I have had this kind of site on my home network for a while, it has mostly recipes for cake which worked (I do experiment from time to time), they may be interesting to others.  I recently installed Proxmox on my virtualization host and was really impressed with it, so much that I think it deserves some special praise, its very similar to VM Ware ESXi and XenServer (its actually based on some of the same technology), however the pricing model and the fact it is basically Debian Linux with some mods makes it very interesting (ie you can make software RAID work, though that is not officially supported).  Few other cool things it supports GlusterFS, NFS, plus its own local storage, it also ships with non free drivers (something that will cause both anger and joy depending on who you ask).  Finally I have a lot of thoughts on a lot of things, I keep an eye on the political environment and got quite involved with the UK's EU referendum hitting the streets of Basingstoke to campaign for Vote Leave.  I consider myself a pacifist libertarian and I have been called everything from "too far left", "hard right", "racist brexiteer" and "you should stand for MP", so I guess most people find it hard to place me!  Anyway all of this has kind of come together at the same time, so I have decided what the hell, lets put this junk online and see what people think.


Lets see how this goes then!

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